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Modern Spectroscopy Applications for Reliable Analytics

We provide powerful software solutions to manage and evaluate analytical and spectroscopic data and related information.

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  • Products covering the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology
  • Combining mathematical and scientific approaches with computer science
What we Do

For Analytical Precision


  • agile and solution-oriented thinking
  • carefully crafted information architecture


  • visually cohesive interface
  • carefully crafted information architecture


  • adherence to modern standards
  • comprehensible and extensible code structure


  • inspiring research projects
  • collaborating with versatile industries

Expanding Spectroscopy's Reach: Unleashing Its Full Potential

With over 20 years of experience, we passionately believe in the power of spectroscopy. While spectroscopic techniques are widely used across various industries, we see immense potential for further application. By embracing innovative software solutions, we aim to extend the benefits of spectroscopy to new frontiers and have successfully crafeted longlasting OEM partnerships. This enables us to empower industries beyond traditional boundaries, facilitating greater efficiency and discovery.

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Our Mission

Our high quality standard products or custom solutions increase the efficiency of our customers in everyday work. A modern and modular software architecture guarantees the high flexibility and cost efficiency required to meet the individual working conditions and requirements of our customers. This allows us to directly address your needs and offer cost-effective standard and custom solutions.


Our engagement does not end with product purchase. We will accompany you in case of problems in handling the software or whenever there is a need for scientific consulting.

Projects and Networks

labCognition has been actively involved in innovation and research for years to shape our collective future. Participating in innovation networks focused on applications using optical spectroscopic methods is a natural and essential part of our work.


PLaNet Innovation Network

In the PLaNet ZIM network, we collaborate with network partners to improve the integration of process and laboratory technology, both at the device level and in terms of software and data. Our goal is to combine the advantages of both areas to enhance existing applications and develop new, demand-oriented applications.


Vital Monitoring Innovation Network

The Vital Monitoring ZIM network advances the use of optical spectroscopic measurement techniques in the field of medical diagnostics, among other areas.


ZIM Innovation Network OMTS-I 4.0 (2017-2019)

The ZIM Innovation Network OMTS-I 4.0 focuses on developing intelligent, connected measurement technology and sensors, as well as interfaces and standards for integration into an Industry 4.0 environment. Further information on success stories of the network can also be found here.


ZIM Project "Olyzer" (FKZ 16KN075738, funded by BMWi)

As a partner of the network, labCognition is involved in developing a cloud platform that provides mobile measurement technology (NIR) and AI-based evaluation methods for olive analysis.

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