Advanced Software Suite for Spectroscopic Data Evaluation

panorama Expert Software

Discover a comprehensive spectroscopy platform, providing all the tools needed for a holistic analytical experience.

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UV-VIS and more

Operating System

Windows Desktop 


English, German 
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panorama - All the Tools in One Suite

Essential Tools

panorama supports you in the routine use of mathematical methods such as baseline correction, peak picking, or multiplicative scatter correction

Spectral Libraries

Store your analytical data and related information in a local library and gain access to our partners' external libraries.

Add-On Modules

Customize the software to your needs with modules for color analysis, chemometrics, reaction control, and more.

Flexible Licensing

Purchase the panorama software either in the form of individual licenses or on the basis of an OEM partnership. Please contact us for further information.

Powerful Toolkit - Powerful Analysis.

Spectrum Visualization

Analyze 2D and 3D Data

panorama displays 2 dimensional analytical data with axes, units and other important related information on the application workspace at a glance. All needed basic and many advanced operations to analyze your data are available:

  • zooming, merging, shifting and many more easy to use and intuitive viewing features…
  • precise navigation through spectral areas of interest

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Evaluation and Manipulation

Use Mathematical Methods

The analyst's every day basic manipulation methods are integrated into the mathematics module of panorama by default. All 2D spectroscopic data can be manipulated with just a few mouse clicks.

  • mathematical functions include baseline correction, peak picking, multiplicative scatter correction, smoothing…
  • the change control history of an object can be tracked easily in the audit trail

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Chemometrics and Prediction Module

Perform Quantitative Analysis

panorama provides all major multivariate analysis methods like PLS-1, PLS-2, SIMPLS, MLR, PCR, and PCA methodologies, so you can choose the appropriate processing tool for your analysis.

  • ideal add-on for users requiring advanced quantitative analysis methods for spectroscopic data evaluation

Quantify Add-on Module

Reaction Monitoring

Analyze in Real Time

This add-on is a new tool for real time reaction monitoring, trend analysis and spectroscopic data profiling for laboratory use as well as process development.

  • follow the characteristics of any chemical reaction or laboratory process for improved analytical and synthetic productivity
  • acquire spectra with your spectrometer as usual while the reaction is running
  • track and trend the properties of interest in real time

Reaction Monitoring Add-on Module

Library Search

Search Spectroscopic Data

The Search add-on module includes a powerful library module which allows archiving and searching of spectroscopic data on libraries or even directly on your hard disc.

  • create your own or connect to commercial libraries
  • perform spectral search and subsequent residual search
  • perform full text search
  • batch import legacy data

Search add-on module

Customizable Report Template

Submit your findings

All analysis data and related information can be exported and printed immediately via ready-made templates. These templates are automatically assigned and are easy to use and customise.

  • automatically assigned templates 
  • easy to use and customizable
  • allows integration of data from the Windows clipboard

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