Application and Module Development

Extensions and Custom Applications

Utilizing our existing software, we offer custom extensions and the development of bespoke add-on modules for our products.

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  • Programming new features and additional modules
  • Creating new applications as part of project collaborations

Minor Functional Enhancements

Are you using our software and have some requests for new features or modifications? Do you have ideas on new features or enhancements?

We will extend our existing software, add-on modules, or functionalities with your ideas for new features or improvements. In many cases, existing functionalities can be easily enhanced to meet your requirements. Minor enhancements are typically free of charge and will be included into one of the next releases of the software. Talk to us and let us know what you want!

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Major Functional Enhancements

Major changes and enhancements need to be thoroughly discussed with you before doing an implementation. Such services are typically accomplished in a development project where we work and partner with you.

We will be happy to prepare a quotation for you based on the development effort.

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Custom Module Development

We offer module development services based on your specific requirements. Our experienced personnel will set up a development project together with you and work with you through the following steps:

  • Initial evaluation of your requirements
  • Creation of comprehensive and detailed specifications
  • Full project management handling
  • Implementation, testing and documentation  of the required functionality

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Developing Upon Existing Products

Our new oscas platform is an ideal starting point for us to start developing spectroscopig applications tailored to your specific needs.

Some successfull spectroscopic apps we have developed in project collaborations include:

  • measurement and prediction of the oil content in olives
  • measurement and prediction of alcohol content in liquids

More about oscas

Pricing for Custom Development

Our existing software is continuously optimized. Minor improvements are carried out free of charge, and we remain grateful for optimization requests reported by our customers.

For larger-scale development work and projects, costs depend on effort and are handled flexibly, depending on the exclusivity of the new applications or modules.

  • Exclusive means: You are the sole owner of the final module and you need to pay for development according to the estimated effort.
  • Non-exclusive means: You are the inventor of the new module, but are willing to share it with others. In this case, we will share the development cost with you, in return for being allowed to re-sell the module to other customers.

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