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Optimize your routine spectroscopic analysis and data management with preconfigured apps.

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oscas - Predefined App Workflows

Reduced Time Expenditure

The preconfigured apps guide users through the digital workflow, ensuring swift results.

Low Error Rate

Through standardized processes, the oscas apps ensure high accuracy and minimize potential errors.

Central Data Storage

Immediately after the measurement, the results are centrally available in the managed cloud and on the device.

Flexible Licensing

You can purchase the oscas software either in the form of individual licenses or on the basis of an OEM partnership. Please contact us for further information.

Preconfigured Apps

Create user-guided workflows

Each app contains an individual description. The interface guides the user from sample registration to uploading spectral data to the cloud.

  • Customized collection of apps available
  • User selection for process control included

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Spectral Measurement

Perform Spectrum Analysis

The spectral measurements are performed according to a sequence defined in the app and preconfigured settings.

  • preconfigured settings include integration time, wavelength range and number of sub-measurements
  • offline-usage of app is possible

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Evaluation and Prediction

Predict Material Parameters

Based on the spectral and metadata, a chemometric evaluation is performed, for example. The type of evaluation may vary depending on the type of analytics.

  • prediction of material paramters (e.g. moisture in wheat)
  • inclusion of external analysis parameters (i.e. weather data)

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Central Data Storage

Manage Analysis Data

By means of QR code tracking, a wide variety of materials can be registered and managed in the software. These materials and their individually recorded samples are stored in the oscas cloud.

  • access to analysis data from all participating laboratories.
  • results available immediately after measurement in the cloud and on the measuring device

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Predefined User Rights

Optimize Process Chains

Each user can be assigned a user role with dedicated rights. The tasks to be completed are then tailored to them accordingly.

  • low error rate through assignable user rights
  • tracable origin of stored data

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