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Add-on Modules

To further boost your efficiency at work, several add-on modules are available on top of our standard products, covering various analytical and spectroscopic approaches.

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Color Add-on Module

Crafted specifically for the comprehensive evaluation of UV/Visible spectroscopic data, our solution offers advanced color analysis capabilities and enables precise comparison following several CIE and DIN/ISO standard methods.

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Gadget Add-on Module

Our instrument interface streamlines data acquisition and control directly from panorama Pro, enabling seamless transfer and evaluation of measured data. With some additional configuration and customization it provides the perfect basis for OEM partnerships.

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Mathematics Module

The module includes standard manipulation operations used in spectroscopy, such as normalization, derivation, base correction and peak picking. It also offers special operations such as multiplicative scatter correction, thickness correction or standard normal variate correction.

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Quantify Add-on Module

Experienced in multivariate data analysis, utilizing methods like PLS and MLR. A user-friendly wizard assists in all calibration model development steps, simplifying complex statistical techniques for all users, regardless of expertise.

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Reaction Monitoring Add-on Module

Monitor reactions in real-time within the laboratory environment. Track the product quality during the production process. Utilize both online and offline trend analysis methods to enhance throughput and ensure top-notch quality standards.

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Rule Designer Add-on Module

The Rule Designer in irAnalyze and RAMalyze offers extensive capabilities for crafting intricate interpretation rules. Users can refine existing rules or innovate new ones to tailor interpretations to their specific research domains and requirements.

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Search Add-on Module

An ideal add-on for archival of your spectroscopic data and related information. It includes spectrum and full text search functionality on spectral libraries of various different library formats - your own as well as commercially available libraries, or directly on data on the file system.

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Security Add-on Module

Enables controlled data access and permissions for regulatory compliance, ensuring users only access authorized features and data. Hierarchical permissions align with organizational workflows for seamless data management, meeting FDA (CFR 21 part 11) and GMP standards.

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