Raman Analysis with Automated Identification of Functional Groups

RAMalyze Spectrum Reader

Based on included Raman tables, RAMalyze will reliably assign functional groups to prominent bands in your spectrum.

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Operating System

Windows Desktop


English, German
and Japanese


OEM-partnership or 
single use

RAMalyze - Electronic Raman Dictionary

Interactive analysis

A built-in browser allows navigation through the spectrum for interactive analysis by means of mouse movement.

Electronic Dictionary

Inlcudes functional groups with more than 1,000 interpretation rules, covering almost all functional groups in organic and inorganic chemistry.

Functional Group Editor

Ensures comfortable interpretation rule design. The interpretation rules are customizable and thus easily enhanced.

Flexible Licensing

Purchase RAMalyze either in the form of individual licenses or on the basis of an OEM partnership. If desired, we provide the software as a bundle package together with irAnalyze.

Raman for both Beginners and Experts.

Interactive Spectrum Browser

Navigate through the Wavenumbers

RAMalyze provides high quality functional group assignments in a short amount of time by applying automatic or interactive analysis modes. A built-in browser enables navigation through the spectrum.

  • precise navigation through identified peaks
  • matching functional groups are highlighted
  • no need for printed Raman frequency catalogs

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Interpretation Rule Designer

Examine Characteristic Raman Frequencies

Each chemical class or sub-class contains a number of functional groups corresponding to a fragment in a molecule. These functional groups in a molecule are responsible for a collection of characteristic bands in a spectrum.

  • RAMalyze contains a predefined set of interpretation rules
  • characteristic Raman frequencies of functional groups are available sorted by chemical substance classes
  • interpretation rules can be customized

More about the rule designer

Customizable Report Template

Submit Your Findings

All analysis data and related information can be exported and printed immediately via ready-made templates. These templates are automatically assigned and are easy to use and customise.

  • automatically assigned templates 
  • easy to use and customizable
  • allows integration of data from the Windows clipboard

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New Features in irAnalyze and RAMalyze

Get the Most out of RAMalyze

Thanks to all our customers giving us feedback and hence helping us to improve our software every day!
The IR and Raman interpretation module has been improved and new features have been added:

  • Analysis of custom spectral ranges
  • Global rules to ignore specific bands for interpretation
  • Custom peak lists can be used for interpretation
  • Revised user interface with peak information added where needed
  • More intuitive rule design in the rule designer

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