OEM Partnerships and Branding

Empowering Partnerships with Industry-Leading Companies

Thanks to our OEM partnerships, our software is being used across various industries worldwide. Through close collaboration, we develop captivating projects and continuously drive innovation forward.

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  • We specialize in creating powerful 'All-in-One' products
  • We're open to exploring new application sectors
Cross-Industry Projects

How We Create Long-lasting OEM Partnerships


We have a wide range of features and modules that we use in our products. Draw from the existing variety and create your own software. Upon request, we develop new software from existing components and, if necessary, also new ones according to your requirements.

  • Joint planning and licensing agreement
  • Solution-oriented thinking and development according to the latest standards
  • Software expandable through a variety of add-on modules


After successful development, we provide you with the software in its entirety. You add your own branding with logo, splash screen, and of course, your own software name. The end product is thus recognized as a product from your company.

  • Support for initial installation and maintenance
  • Presence/online training for optimal operation possible
  • Ideal for sales in conjunction with your measuring devices

Continuous Support

We provide ongoing support for the continuous operation of our software and are available to assist with maintenance and installation inquiries on the client side.

About labCognition

Our Software on Your Devices for Powerful Combination Products

If you are a device manufacturer in search of integrable software, an OEM partnership could be just right for you.

This collaboration results in powerful combination products that merge the benefits of our software with the top-notch features of your devices. Our years of expertise in software development ensure smooth integration, and the combined products meet the demanding requirements of customers.

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