Launching Our New oscas Software for Spectroscopic Apps

Our new oscas software stems from an inspiring project collaboration with an external partner company.

The focus of the project work was on olive analytics, particularly the non-destructive determination of oil content in olives. Based on Raman spectroscopy, a system was developed that not only guides users actively through the analysis but also manages, organizes, and learns from the measurement data afterwards.


This accumulation of reference analytical data leads to the establishment of a knowledge database, which can in turn be used for future analytics. Taking into account insights from this data and external parameters (such as weather conditions), the oscas software can make precise predictions regarding the oil content in the olives. Consequently, for instance, the optimal harvesting time can be determined, thus optimizing profit.

Spectroscopy Appf for Routine Analytics

The framework of the oscas software can also be applied to a wide range of areas in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, or the food industry, independently of olive analytics. At its core, the software contains one or more apps tailored precisely to the analytical needs of our customers' specific domains. Feel free to contact us if you have a potential application in mind or if you would like an informal online demonstration of the software.

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